Money Saving

  • No ongoing maintenance charges
  • Reduction in Mogden charge
  • Less energy and labour costs
  • No Chemical costs
  • Reduced sludge disposal costs

Resource Efficiency

  • Recovery of resalable by-products
  • 40% less sludge versus chemical equivalents
  • Energy resource recovery
  • Minimal fresh water intervention
  • Recycling of sacrificial electrodes

Green Technology

  • Chemical free
  • Low Power usage <0.40kw hours m³ treated
  • Minimal visible and physical impact to landscape
  • Zero noise pollution
  • Odour free

Containerised Solution

  • Ready to go solution for immediate deployment
  • Rapid on-site installation and commissioning
  • Small footprint and stackable
  • Remote performance monitoring
  • Patented quick release mechanism to replace sacrificial electrodes