Industrial Applications

Kolina’s industrial Electrocoagulation plants comprise of a four-stage treatment train that compactly combines proven solids separation with patented Electrocoagulation technology in a 40 ft container. The plant contains balance tanks with level sensors that contribute to the full automation of the plant. The combination of technologies integrated in Kolina’s standard 40ft offering allows for:

  • A physical separation pre-treatment to remove suspended solids
  • Electrocoagulation in Kolina’s patented cells to remove dissolved organic, metal, inorganic and complex contaminants
  • A non-chemical DAF to provide the necessary retention time for separation and settlement of coagulated and flocculated contaminants
  • Final effluent polishing multi-media filtration system with automated backwash to ensure effluent discharge to sub 25 microns

Let us show you what you can find within our EC wastewater unit and how its compact footprint can help address your water treatment challenges.




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Kolina’s Treatment System

Kolina’s technology offers a fusion of physical separation and electrochemical treatment to ensure that dissolved and suspended determinands are effectively removed from waste streams.  This is achieved through a combination of the following treatment mechanisms:

  1. Physical separation to remove suspended matter
  2. Electrocoagulation
  3. Direct electrochemical oxidation of contaminants
  4. Indirect oxidation of contaminants
  5. Effluent polishing by automated backwashable multimedia filtration system
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Relax, sit back, allow us to provide the solution

Under regulations laid out by the Environment Act 1995, businesses are obliged to ensure that wastewater is disposed of safely, with no danger to people or the environment.

We can provide you with the right solution to ensure your wastewater effluents are discharged within regulatory standards while keeping you updated along the whole customer journey.

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Journey Mapping

A typical project is as follows:

  1. Enquiry- Customer shares situation, issues and challenges with Kolina team
  2. Feasibility– Kolina meets customer team on site to conduct feasibility survey and reports on project timeframe and responsibilities
  3. Framework-Detailed project plan, costs and Terms and Conditions completed and shared
  4. Engagement– Agreement between customer and Kolina on project
  5. Commissioning– Kolina engineers install and commission plant on site and also train any operators

For more information on our successful Industrial clients, please see our Case Studies.

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