Kolina’s unique Electrocoagulation treatment system is ideally suited to treat a wide range of contaminants in particular nutrients (Phosphorus, Ammonia), COD, metal ions and suspended solids. Kolina’s treatment system with its small footprint, low energy consumption and ability to handle variations in flows and contaminant concentrations is an ideal solution. We can offer a treatment solution for a wide range of Population Equivalent ranging from 50 to 5000 PE.

For more information, please see  Interreg’s independently validated case study case_study_kolina_2021_wtn_v3

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Ease of Integration

Kolina’s treatment system can be retrofitted to existing wastewater sites and positioned at various stages of treatment. The versatility and flexibility of Kolina’s EC system make it also suitable for remote applications.

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Plug and Play

Kolina’s plug and play treatment solution can be easily deployed to any Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and integrated into existing facilities on site, allowing for treatment of effluents at different stages of the treatment process. The proprietary Electrocoagulation cells can be tailored to in-situ donate the required amount of coagulants.

Kolina’s treatment package is also ideal to provide spare wastewater/water treatment capacity for sites that are increasing their flows or upgrading their treatment works.

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