The Solution to Water Pollution

Water is a scarce and finite resource.  Clean technologies that can treat and remedy water and wastewater pollutions in a sustainable and environmentally considerate way are a must in order to extend the use of water, by treating wastewater and bringing it back into process.

Kolina’s unique Electrocoagulation technology is at the forefront of wastewater treatment and its proprietary Electrocoagulation design provides a chemical-free alternative to remedy water pollution.

Our patented solution takes into consideration a multi-capital approach and focuses on the following 6 Capitals: Natural, Climate Change, Social, People, Intellectual and Financial.

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Reduces a wide range of contaminants

Robust and efficient wastewater treatment

Allows utilities to meet AMP7 and beyond


Phosphorus Removal & Recovery

Small footprint reduces physical impact/presence

Achievable reductions in FOG, COD, TSS and heavy metal contaminants

Greener alternative to chemical dosing


Industrial Applications

Smarter Electrocoagulation

Full automation and remote monitoring

Comprehensive service and after sale support


Featured Case Study

Phosphorus Removal

“Kolina's Phosphorus Removal plant conclusively removes both total and orthophosphate to below the current (AMP7) and future limits”


MSP visits with Kolina

Our Technology Director, Kwame, was given the opportunity recently to introduce Kolina's...

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Health and Safety, News

Safety Accreditation

We're delighted to announce that we have been awarded accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor for...

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News, Spotlight

Spotlight on Phosphate 1

Phosphate use has quadrupled in the last 50 years as the global population has continued to grow. ...

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