Using an electric current to destabilise and pull contaminants from solutions, emulsions and suspensions. Most contaminants are held in solution by a steric attraction between the water molecules and the contaminants which makes it difficult for most waste and process water treatment technologies to effectively separate contaminants from the water. Our Electrocoagulation (EC) technology separates difficult to remove contaminants from waste and processed water by introducing positively charged metal ions, which disrupt the steric equilibrium between the contaminants and the water molecules, thus making it easier to separate them from the water in which they are held. Kolina’s EC technology is an effective, proven and chemical-free alternative to chemical coagulation and flocculation technologies which are widely used to treat many global industrial effluents. Electrocoagulation is further enhanced when coupled with complementary technologies and to that end Kolina’s patented containerised system provides a complete treatment train.

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