Kolina’s EC technology offers a greener alternative to chemical dosing for removal of phosphorus; it generates coagulant ferric ion species through an electrochemical reaction in the EC cells between passed current and sacrificial electrodes.

The generated coagulant ions have a utilisation efficiency of close to 100%, whilst dosed chemicals such as ferric sulphate and ferric chloride have active coagulant ion mass fraction hence utilisation efficiencies of between 28% and 34%.

The choice of anodes can also be tailored to use mild steel, aluminium, magnesium, and/or mixed metals oxide as sacrificial electrodes which can benefit sites with discharge limit/consent for metals, thus offering an added versatility to the end user.

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Kolina’s Plate Design

Kolina’s proprietary design of the EC cells and sacrificial plate stack allows for sacrificial plates to be changed within a minute by one person, with no safety concern nor extensive plant downtime. We can also have a number of combinations of plates. Image below shows an example of our 2-plate and 4-plate holding system.

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Size Matters

Kolina’s Electrocoagulation system is a plug and play unit that can be operated as a standalone technology or can be retrofitted to an existing treatment chain.  It is a containerised solution that can be fitted into sites where space is at a premium.

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