Our Mission

At Kolina we value water as an asset and are committed to reducing the impact of water pollution on the environment, extending the lifetime of water, and giving it a second chance.

Kolina – The Solution to Water Pollution

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Our Vision

To be a global, sustainable and environmentally considerate water and wastewater treatment solution provider.


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Our Expertise

Kolina’s expertise lies in the array of talented individuals across a variety of disciplines. With reliable support from the Operations and Management teams, Kolina’s Senior Technical team boasts more than 40 years’ experience in water and wastewater treatment with accredited degrees in Chemical, Mechanical, Process Engineering and Water and Environmental Science, who remain members of accredited professional bodies in their respective disciplines.   

Kolina’s know-how in Electrocoagulation and its application in wastewater treatment is further enhanced by speciality expertise of its Engineering and Operations teams. 

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Message From Our Technology Director  

Kolina’s senior technical team combines the right blend of disciplines and experience to shape and innovate the technology to meet the rigorous and stringent challenges faced in today’s efforts to conserve water and reduce the impacts of wastewater pollution to the environment. Kolina prides itself in supporting clients to fully understand the problems posed by uncontrolled discharge of wastewater into the environment, while working with them on a sustainable solution. We support our clients from enquiry to post installation of our plant on site.  

We look forward to discussing your effluent needs. 

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah  

Technology Director

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