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Why should we choose Electrocoagulation (EC) for our water treatment project?


With new regulations and the global move towards chemical free treatment, there is need for alternative sustainable technologies to help the water industry meet its water and wastewater treatment targets. Kolina’s EC technology is a greener alternative to chemical dosing, and it generates coagulant ferric ion species through an electrochemical reaction in the EC cells between passed current and sacrificial electrodes. The generated coagulant ions have a utilisation efficiency of close to 100%, while dosed chemicals such as ferric sulphate and ferric chloride have utilisation efficiencies of between 28% and 34%. The choice of anodes include Mild Steel, Aluminium, Magnesium and Mixed Metal Oxide which can all be used sacrificial electrodes.  The tailored anode choice benefit sites with discharge limit/consent for specific metals and hence Kolina can offer a versatile solution to suit the needs of clients. 

So, if you need a treatment solution that is sustainable, chemical free, has low maintenance, small footprint and represents value for money, Kolina’s EC is your answer.

Electrocoagulation is not a new technology but traditional Electrocoagulation systems suffer from a number of drawbacks.  Kolina’s patented Electrocoagulation cells offer a number of advantages over traditional Electrocoagulation systems in terms of energy consumption, Health and Safety, ability to retrofit existing sites, sludge produced and sacrificial plate changing.  Some of the main benefits of Kolina’s EC system are as follows:

  • Chemical free — environmentally considerate option compared to chemical dosing
  • Quick (1 minute) electrode replacement – proprietary EC cell design which is a USP of Kolina and it offers a major advantage over traditional Electrocoagulation system. This also overcomes one of the major disadvantages of traditional EC system as it is safer to handle and operate
  • Not susceptible to the increasing cost of ever diminishing availability of chemicals
  • Very little operator intervention – plant is fully automated and with COVID 19 restrictions Kolina’s EC minimises human interaction as the system is also integrated with remote monitoring and telemetry service to support plants
  • Can be used as full treatment train for remote unmanned sites

Any contaminants that can be coagulated i.e precipitate out of solution can be removed by Electrocoagulation. Typically COD, BOD, TSS, Metal ions, Phosphorus, Ammonia, FOGs, Hydrocarbon, Halogens and Nutrients can all be removed by our EC system.

One of the biggest advantages of Kolina’s Electrocoagulation system is that we can embed both feedback and feedforward which allows complete control of the treatment process and allows for optimised processing. We can tailor the treatment system to allow you to meet your target objectives.

For more in-depth information and details of potential contaminant reductions, please contact Dr Kwame Nkrumah on tel: 0845 130 939 or email

For more information on our EC wastewater treatment unit and benefits we can bring to your company please get in touch

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