Oil and Gas

Our patented Electrocoagulation technology can easily be deployed to provide on-site or off-shore wastewater treatment. Contaminants such as COD, Fats, Oils and Greases (FOGs), Hydrocarbon and metal ions can be easily removed from produced water as well as other wastewater effluents from the Oil and Gas Industry. The green credentials of our technology make it a more sustainable treatment option.

Kolina’s mobile multi-stage Electrocoagulation technology has been deployed to treat the following Oil & Gas wastewaters:

  • Produced water from onshore drilling platforms for safe discharge

  • Surface run-off from fracking activities for discharge to a local watercourse

  • Chemical decommissioning wastewater from oil refinery for safe discharge to site outfall

For more information on our successful clients within the Oil and Gas industry please see our case studies.

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