Treatment of wastewater is crucial to ensure that damaging contaminants are not discharged into our environment.  There are many different methods to achieve this, some systems are more effective than others.





Chemical Free – system doesn’t use chemicals to clean effluent
Clean Sludge – pH stable sludge, can be re-used
Low sludge production – reduced disposal costs post treatment
Removal of multiple contaminants –Several compounds removed with one pass
Ease of adjustments – Simple to make changes relating to changes in water
Effectiveness – Highly effective at removing small particles
Small footprint – self-contained, small footprint treatment unit with no additional storage needs
Significant saving on embedded and operational carbon to contribute to net zero target[1]
No alkalinity and pH correction required – huge cost saving
No exposure to chemicals – shower and chemical operations remedials work not required


[1] Independently validated carbon audit