Here at Kolina, we pride ourselves on working continuously with our clients, improving the treatment of their wastewater, monitoring sampling results and ensuring they remain within tight consent levels.

One of our clients has strict discharge permits in place.  With business being extremely positive, they are looking to expand and increase productivity dramatically, however, such stringent controls on their emissions are hindering expansion and profitability.   As Kolina has successfully managed their existing wastewater treatment system for some time, they turned to us for help.  To address their concerns, our Technology team designed, planned and introduced an additional service to run in conjunction with Kolina’s patented Electrocoagulation treatment centre.

Proud to say, our skilled and experienced engineers have completed the installation of horizontal holding tanks to increase processing capacity and enable our client to eliminate ‘downtime’ from their processing schedule. 

The new system will maintain consent and improve the levels of effluent that can be treated prior to discharge.  It will also ensure that processing restrictions are not exceeded whilst allowing the company to plan for a profitable, environmentally considerate future.

Kolina is a supportive partner and always strives to provide a comprehensive service for our clients, at the same time we are aware of the impact of pollution on the environment.  Through the process of helping our clients achieve better results, we can reduce water pollution in our waterways and extend the lifetime of the water we all use.