Today, we interview Kwame Nkrumah, Technology Director here at Kolina about his varied career to date, his current role and the key areas he is looking to focus on in 2021.

Hi Kwame, tell us about your role at Kolina ?

As Kolina’s Technology Director, it is my responsibility to shape the future of the company, and this includes development of the team, the technology, and assisting with commercial activities of the company. Being in this role allows me to be involved in almost all aspects of the company – something I really enjoy doing. Being a Process Chemical Engineer by trade, I also get involved in day-to-day engineering activities such as running plants, diagnosis and troubleshooting and process optimisation. This gives me the best of both worlds!

 How has your previous experience prepared you for this role?

My previous roles have helped shape me for my current role. From managing, reporting to the board and offering technical and commercial recommendations, these skills were honed over many years of working as a junior and senior engineer. The ability to evolve and embrace the duties of new roles have been seamless as I have managed to call on previous experiences. I love the varied nature of my current and previous roles!

How is the current climate affecting the engineers you look after and the way they work?

I work with an amazing group of engineers who have managed to keep busy during these difficult times. They have upheld high safety and professional standards which have allowed them to keep up the excellent services we offer our clients. As a company, we have also reacted to the challenges and offered all the help our engineers have required during the pandemic. Our engineers have enjoyed being able to get out and go about their daily roles while most people are unfortunately working from home.

 What area of work are you most excited about as we move through 2021 and beyond? 

Kolina is strategically placed to offer its technological solution to the UK and EU water companies as they address the need to meet new stringent phosphorus (and nutrients) consents. Kolina’s technology can plug the gap left with the shift from conventionally-used chemical dosing systems. Leading the drive to expand Kolina’s offering while offering a sustainable solution to environmental pollution. I am excited about showcasing Kolina’s solution to the Utilities market, and doing our bit to look after our environment

 Lastly, what is your favourite football team?

I have often got a bit of stick for this, but I have always been a Man Utd fan, even though Tottenham is my home. Glory hunter has been labelled at me a few times, but my choice was hugely influenced by Paul Scholes. I played CM for my school, college, University and Sunday League teams, and marvelled at how Paul Scholes could control a football game with such simplicity and craft. Just as fate will have it, I have been living in Manchester since 2006!