Another exciting delivery is underway as one of our Electrocoagulation treatment units arrives in it’s new home.  This time it’s travelled a little further than normal, as it’s being welcomed by our agents in South Korea.  We’re delighted to announce our continued expansion into the South Asian economy, with many clients embracing Kolina’s chemical-free, Electrocoagulation technology.

Our patented wastewater treatment plant will work with many differing industries, addressing issues such as removing pollution caused by Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) or Total Organic Carbon (TOC). Our Electrocoagulation plant also reduces high contaminant levels of colour produced from a variety of manufacturing processes, as diverse as Food to Textile production.  With proven results achieved across many sectors, Kolina provides a cost-effective and fully automated treatment solution that can treat a wide range of organic reagents, intermediate complexes or out of specification wastewater.  More news to follow as all the projects develop.