This month it’s time for Kolina’s engineers to take front of stage. As vital members of our organisation, it’s great to find out what they’re thinking. So over to members of the engineering team:

Why did you study engineering at degree level?  I’ve always had a passion for engineering, even from a young age. It was something my parents spotted in me early on and encouraged. It was only natural that I studied engineering at degree level. I chose to study process engineering as it opened up a huge variety of industries that I could work in, most importantly, the environmental sector, which is a very important area just now.

 Tell me about the most challenging engineering project that you have been involved with during the past year?  The most challenging project last year was definitely running a trial for a leading chemical manufacturer in Singapore. It involved three months of living in Singapore, a place very different from the UK in terms of things like food and customs. It was made more challenging by things that we didn’t normally experience in the UK like heat and humidity, or the availability of parts and spares. Ultimately though, it was an incredible experience and one I would love to repeat.

 What do you get out of engineering that you couldn’t get from any other kind of work?  We face a huge variety of challenges every day and have to use our problem solving skills to overcome them. It is also a job that combines technical knowledge and practical skills that doesn’t happen in many other industries.

 What resources do you use to keep up with engineering trends?  The main resource I use is the Institute of Chemical Engineers, through that I have access to all sorts of resources and publications. There’s also a lot of newsletters sent out and seminars held by the institute that are great for keeping up to date.

 What do you like about wastewater and electrocoagulation ?  As the population of the world grows, there’s an increasing demand on a sometimes already stretched water network. Water recycling is only going to become more important as the world grows. Electrocoagulation is a revolutionary and environmentally friendly way of treating water. It’s very exciting to be at the cutting edge of an emerging technology.

 Fun fact: Finally what’s your favourite takeaway? Indian food.