As we introduce different members our team, this month it’s the turn of Akmez Nabeerasool, Head of Business Development, to share his views on the challenges faced by the water industry.

Hi Akmez, tell us a bit about your career history, prior to joining Kolina- I have been in the water treatment sector for over a decade managing a wide range of projects both UK and international. I actually started my career as a Chemistry lecturer but I moved to industries after my PhD and have since been involved in helping companies meet their water and wastewater challenges.

What do you think are the most pressing challenges due to face the water sector over the next decade? With ever growing population and climate change,  water scarcity and access to clean drinking water are possibly the two biggest challenges facing the water sector. With new advancement in analytical techniques we are now able to detect lower and lower concentrations of contaminants in water and this represents a massive challenge for water and wastewater treatments as in many cases traditional technologies in place have not been designed for such.

 How is resilience to be achieved within the water industry? It has to be a collaboration between solutions providers and utilities. Key to achieving resilience is early engagement with all parties involved and also active participation of regulators with innovators (technology). I believe that for sustainable technologies that can have a massive impact on water and wastewater a fast track channel should be established as the water industry tends to move slowly.

How can Kolina assist water companies to achieve their targets? It takes more than just a technology or product to help water companies achieve their targets. I believe that business is done by “people buying people first and then the product”. Kolina is at the heart of smart Electrocoagulation technology which offers an innovative and greener alternative to traditional technologies for water and wastewater treatment in particular for Phosphorus and nutrient removal and recovery. However, it is not only the technology that is impressive. We have a passionate team of highly qualified individuals who will go the extra mile and be a supportive partner to assist our clients in meeting their targets.

Fun fact: What is your favourite movie? This is a tough one. The Shawshank Redemption and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original one).